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National Pacific Insurance (NPI) dates back to 1977. The Government of (then Western) Samoa was a key driver behind the establishment of the company. NPI has been serving the people of Samoa, American Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga ever since.

During that time NPI has helped customers through some challenging events such as major fires, earthquakes, floods and cyclones. Many of these caused significant losses in the communities that were affected but NPI has always assisted its customers and partners in coping with the financial losses on each occasion.

Tower was involved from the outset in an advisory/management capacity and took up an option of a shareholding when the company went public in 1980. In 2021, Tower purchased the remaining shares in NPI, to fully welcome NPI into the Tower family and increase its commitment to investing in the Pacific.

NPI is now trading as Tower Insurance in Tonga. Whilst our friendly team remains the same, customers who renew or take out car, contents or house cover, will now get a new Tower policy. Business insurance will stay under NPI. 

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